Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sonsie, Boston, MA December 2007 Grade: B+

Joanne writes:

Amy and I have a tradition of going to Boston for an overnight getaway in December, on the pretense of Christmas shopping, but it ends up being more of a culinary adventure than a retail one. I enjoy sharing with Amy the Boston I knew and loved when I lived there after college, one that she couldn't really experience when she was a student at BC.

While I was never a fan of the nightlife at Sonsie, or the see and be seen culture in general, I was a fan of the restaurant--especially for lunch. A college friend of mine and another foodie, Deanna, and I have been there multiple times and have always been pleased. So when Amy and I were wondering where to go to lunch, on our second day in Boston, I suggested
Sonsie. Giada (DeLaurentis, of Food Network fame) had just been there on one of her weekend getaways, and she gave the brick oven pizza high marks. I had never tried their pizza, and Amy loves pizza, so it was a go.

Amy's selection of cocktail had her taking notes so she could recreate it for Chris at home. Unfortunately, she has since lost said notes and can't for the life of her remember what it was. I went the boring route, a Bloody Mary, and was ready to move on to lunch.

I got a mushroom pizza. One bite and I was in heaven. I was never so happy that Amy doesn't like mushrooms! Grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, and brie, on a thin crust. I have made it my mission, since then, to recreate this at home. Amy must have really enjoyed that cocktail because, albeit almost a year later, she doesn't remember what she had. We both remember that as we finished, she ordered a pizza with butternut squash, melting cheese, and walnuts to take home for Chris so that he could experience Sonsie too. He loved it.

Interestingly enough, our server was the same young woman who served Giada. Unfortunately, she saw a group of businessmen gathering in the foyer as the bigger tip opportunity, and left us without service at various points in our meal, including when we were ready to order wine. At those times she was busy serving drinks to the men seated around the low table in the foyer, squatting as she placed the drinks on napkins, glancing up in suggestive servitude.

The food was better than the service, but it was good enough to put Sonsie on our list of favorite restaurants.

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